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Gangnam Style GIFs Animation

There is something about an animated 3D character that will grab your attention. This dancing baby is the perfect example when it comes to the options for Gangnam Style!

● Hilarious and relatable to dancers and online surfers: Sure, you've seen GIF animation before and you've even seen various animated characters dance to Gangnam Style, but nothing like this! Great for dancers and those who love online life and its culture.

● Adorable and impressive skills for a baby: So, obviously this 3D character is animated, but your eyes still see a tiny baby, complete with chubby legs and a diaper dancing to Gangnam style! It's a cute 11-second video to show you just how much animation can do!

● Great for sharing and enjoying as much as you want: If you know someone who will appreciate this GIF animation for its savvy dancing skills this is your chance to share it online through your favourite social media channel.

Gangnam Style GIFs Animation

  • One pack consisting of 2 individual files of Gangnam Style GIFs Animation. 1) Gangnam Style GIFs file 2) Gangnam Style MOV file.

    Resolution: 500p x 500p

    Duration: 0:15sec (for one file)

    Frame rate: 24 FPS

    Format: GIF, MOV (transparent background)

    Zip file size: 49 MB

    Sound: NO, the dance moves are from "PSY" Gangnam Style

    The final pack: You will receive links to download this products after Checkout. The file is packed with ZIP file, you will need unpack using WinZip or can be access free version (7-zip). Here is 7-zip:

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