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All in One Branding Video Template


釋放想像力, 您的旅程從這裡開始


Whatever the platform, whatever the audience, we understand the importance of capturing the public’s imagination with a few, powerful images.

This is why we created VideoAe: a virtual space where we could bring our professional expertise from the media industry at the service of content creators and small businesses, to help them thrive in this video centered market.

We also tailored a range of our products more exclusively towards private users, the idea being that some messages are better said with visuals than with any arrangement of worn out words. Whether cheering with your families, surprising your loved ones, or teasing your best friends, we want to empower you to express yourself at your best.





To these two heartfelt goals, we add the values of simplicity and affordability.

Being video makers ourselves, we know that media creation is hard and not for everyone. Thus, with we wanted to make readily available a library of essential video templates that could be purchased quickly and simply, with plenty of customization for your needs.

We also understand that professional video making services can be prohibitive in price, something only for the budget of big established companies. But if visual media are so important for today’s competition, why should they be exclusive of those who need it the least? Therefore, we developed a website that could offer professional quality videos and be at the same time affordable for everyone. And we can do this thanks to an intelligent design that alternates pre-made templates and user-customizable content. The result is the video you want at the price you deserve.

Because videos should be for everyone.



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